At New York Piano & Arts Teacher Network, our focus is on providing performance opportunities for piano students of our members, stimulating interest in newest advancements in piano pedagogy. The New York Piano & Arts Teacher Network began its existence as the John M. Williams Club in October of 1926.  It was renamed The Piano Teachers Congress  in 1928 and incorporated in 1973. The mission of the organization, stated by its first President, Lester B. Major,  was “to promote interest in music in the home and community, to study principles of teaching, to discuss problems of the teacher and to stimulate helpfulness and friendliness among the teachers.” For more than 80 years, the New York Piano & Arts Teacher Network has grown in size and stature. During this period of time our membership  has included a long list of  prominent teachers whose students have become well-known both nationally and internationally. Our organization has always moved in step with the time and has presented events that reflect the interest of our current members. However, our goals have always remained the same:

  • to provide performance opportunities not only for students likely to pursue piano music at college or university but also for those whose ultimate aim is to experience  the joy of music-making; and
  • to offer teachers the possibility of learning  about the latest developments in the field of piano pedagogy.

Our general meetings at Steinway Hall in New York City have provided our members with wonderful opportunities for continued professional growth as well as for exchange of ideas. Over the years the members of The Piano Teachers Congress of New York have benefited from presentations by such well-known performers and teachers as Beveridge Webster, Adele Marcus, Jerome Loewenthal, Nelita True, Ingrid Clarfield, Martin Canin, Paul Pollei, Eduardus Halim, and many many others.