Piano teachers you should know about

When you think about piano teachers, you automatically think of great composers and pianists from the past. Making a list of those people would be easy and not informative as lists like that are everywhere. What the internet lacks are the lists of piano instructors and teachers that are still alive and that are available to people.

We could also write about contemporary piano teachers whose work costs thousands of dollars for private classes. But no, we will write about people who spread their knowledge about piano to masses. We are talking about bloggers and streamers who are proficient at piano, and they share their knowledge with people who are willing to learn from them.

Notable individuals that teach piano

– Wendy Stevens

Wendy Stevens is the owner of a blog through which she teaches people how to create and compose musical pieces. She also teaches the piano which she prefers over other instruments. She teaches people how to play the piano and write music on it and also she is open to those that want to become better teachers than they are at the moment. Every secret she uses is shared with other people so they may profit from it.

– Graham Fitch

There are many amateur bloggers and when it comes to blogging Graham Fitch is an amateur. But besides that, he is a pianist renowned all around the world and a teacher of the piano as well. It’s a blessing that an individual like him is willing to share his knowledge through blogging as his knowledge and expertise are unparalleled.

Graham Fitch is a very diligent person, and all of his blogs come out on the schedule, never missing the time mark. They are also highly informative, and people can learn a lot from simple tips and tricks that he teaches. Both students and teachers of the piano can learn a lot from Fitch’s blogs.